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Lindsey Fischer
1367 Mill St.
San Luis Obispo, Ca. 93401
Phone 805-545-7995
Objective   To find high paying job which requires a minimum of time and effort.
Education	1997 - 2001    California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo
B.S. Business Administration
 International Finance Concentration
Work experience	
2000 - 2001   International Career Conference    San Luis Obispo, Ca
Director of Public Relations
 Helped organize and host the sixth annual International Career
   Conference.  Contracted and coordinated the attendance of 
   professionals from many areas of our industry.
1999 - 2001          F. Mclintock's          San Luis Obispo, Ca
Floor Manager
 Overlooked and guided daily activities.  Dealt with customer 
  complaints and compensation.  Took lower paying position to 
  earn the right to tell my peers what to do and wear an important 
  looking set of emergency keys.
1999 - 1998        The Old Custom House     	Avila Beach, Ca
 Agreed to take charge of a group of spoiled brats in exchange
  for the right to drink alcohol while on the clock.
1998 - 1997	                  The American Grill               San Luis Obispo, Ca
Operations Manager
 Assumed opening, operating, and closing duties for entire 
  establishment.  Involved in employee scheduling and monitoring 
  the restaurant's finances.
 Can juggle four small kittens
 Can carry two cases of beer for long periods without fatigue
 Expert in fish tank maintenance
 Know way around the backside of a racetrack

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